Office 365 (Outlook Client for Mac) - Compose and Send an E-mail Message / Attach a File

Compose and send an e-mail message.

1.  On the Sidebar View Switcher, make sure Mail is selected.

 Mail view switch bar

2.  On the Home tab, click New Email.

New email icon

3.  In the To: field, begin typing the name of the contact. Possible matches appear.


4.  Press RETURN or click the selected address to the To: field.

Tip: To delete a contact from the To box, click the contact name, and then press DELETE.

5.  Type in a description of the email in the Subject: field, and type in the message window the message you would like to send.

Email message

6. Press Send to send your message.

Send button

Attach a file to your email message

Before you send your message, you can attach a file.

1. Select the Attach File button in the message window.

Attach file button

2. A Finder window will display to let you browse to the directory of the file you would like to attach to the 
message.  Select the file you would like to attach to your message and click Choose.

3. Select Send.


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