Office 365 (Outlook 2013) - How to Forward Contact Group to Others

Please follow these steps if you want to forward a group that you created with others. Please note that this process will not allow the recipients to edit your master contact group. They can make changes such as adding and deleting people but those changes will only be visible to them. Also, if you make additions or changes to your contact group after you forwarded it to others, they will not be able to see those changes. If you want to be able to make edits to groups that your colleagues will see, you will instead have to create a folder within Contacts first, and then share that folder. Instructions on how to this are in the "See Also" section at the bottom of this article.

Forwarding Contacts

1. Open your contact group from within your Outlook contacts/people. Click on the “Forward Group” button, and choose “As an Outlook Contact”.

Forward Group

2. Outlook creates an e-mail message and turns the contact group into an attachment. Address the e-mail message to the folks you want to share it with, type your message, and click Send. NOTE: The receiver will then have to left click on the attachment and drag it down to  People in the bottom pane in order to save it and access it.  If you don't tell them these instructions in the body of the message, it may not be clear to them. 

Sending Forwarded Group

The following procedure is for the people that you sent the contact group to

1. Open the e-mail message. 

2. Click and drag the attached group down to People in the bottom pane. 

3. Once that is done move back to your Contacts folder and verify it is there (within alphabetical order). You are now able to use the contact group as if it were one that you had created.

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