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Using Rubrics in Competencies

Creating activities

Activities are created inside a course offering and are the only competency structure elements that can be assessed. You can set up flexible competency structures and associate multiple learning objectives with an activity, or associate multiple activities to a learning objective.

The following are ways you can associate activities to learning objectives:

  • Association only (no assessment). You can assign this type of association to activities that are part of a learning objective's coverage, but do not require any formal assessment. This association type has no impact on competency structure completion and does not affect competency or learning objective evaluations.
  • Tip: If you associate an activity with a learning objective without adding an assessment method or achievement threshold, provide users with clear and specific performance benchmarks that create transparency about expectations.

  • Association with rubric assessment. You can assign this type of association to activities if you want to assess users, but you do not want assessment to affect competency or learning objective evaluations within a competency structure. This is useful if you are creating diagnostic or formative assessments.
  • Association with rubric assessment and threshold criterion. You can assign this type of association to activities if you want to assess users and make the assessment a requirement for competency structure completion. The threshold is the minimum required rubric level or percentage score a user must achieve in the assessment to complete the associated learning objective.

Activity types

  • Survey activity. Survey activities are assessed by a rubric. You cannot associate anonymous survey activities with learning objectives.
  • Dropbox activity. Dropbox activities are assessed by a rubric.
  • Discussion activity. Discussion activities are assessed by a rubric.
  • Manual Assessment activity. Manual assessment activities are not created with Learning Environment course tools. They can be activities such as a live presentation, a musical recital, community service hours, and extracurricular activities. Manual Assessment activities are assessed by a rubric.  

Displaying Graded Rubric Feedback in Gradebook

This feature allows you and your learners to see the rubric associated with an activity from Gradebook. For example, if a rubric is attached to a discussion, and you evaluate the rubric in Discussions, the results of the rubric are visible to the learner from the associated grade. You can assess discussions or assignments from the corresponding tool, and the completed rubric displays in its entirety in the Gradebook (if the activity has a linked grade).

  • If you previously associated a copy of a rubric directly with a grade, and filled out (or copied) your assessment of the rubric in the Grades tool, you should follow this new workflow: rubrics should only be associated with the activity (not the grade) and assessed in the activity (discussion or assignment). The rubric automatically displays in Gradebook.
  • If you previously did not use rubrics in Discussions due to the inability to display rubric feedback to learners, you can now start using rubrics in Discussions. Learners can now see the completed rubric in Discussions, as well as in the Content tool, where a discussion is included. If a discussion has an associated grade, learners can view it in Gradebook.
  • You should only associate a rubric with the activity being assessed. With this change, grade items that have rubrics directly associated with them can no longer be linked to activities. However, activities with associated rubrics can be linked to grade items.
  • Grade items that are considered independent and intended for offline grade or observational activities can continue to use rubrics. However, they cannot be associated with activities.

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