Cobra Learning - Using HTML Document Templates


Using HTML document templates

You can create a new HTML document based on any existing HTML file. If you set up a path to a directory containing HTML templates in Manage Files, these template choices appear in a drop-down list when you create a new document. All links to assets such as images, CSS and JS files are maintained when you create a new HTML document from a template in Content.

Therefore, you can build many documents from one central template housed in the template directory, with standard styles and images already included.

If you have already created an entirely new HTML document, you can save it in your template directory for other documents.

Enable HTML templates

  1. Click Settings in the Content tool.
  2. Select the Enable HTML Templates check box.
  3. Click Change Path.
  4. Select the folder that will contain your template directory, or create a New Folder for it.
    • If you want to house your templates in a shared folder, click Shared Files first, then click New Folder.

    Tip  Normally, a course has its own template directory in Course Offering Files. However, if you want the template directory to be available for all courses and you have the necessary access permissions, set the template directory to a folder in Shared Files. It will be available to all courses within the organization.

  5. Click Select Path.
  6. Click Save.

Apply an HTML template to a new document

  1. In a module, click Create a file from the Update/Create button.
  2. One of two options will be available:
    • Select a document template from the drop-down list. This drop-down list displays if there are templates available in the folder you chose to contain your template directory.
    • Click Browse for a Template. This button is present if there are no templates in the target folder. You can search for templates located in other folders or on your computer.
  3. Once you have selected a template, customize it according to your needs and click Publish or Save as Draft.

    Note  If you decide to save a draft based on an HTML template to a different file path, all links to images, css, or js assets are retained.

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