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The User Progress tool helps track student progress in a course by measuring their completion of 10 different progress indicators. Instructors can use User Progress to track their students' overall progress and prepare progress reports, while students can use User Progress to keep track of all of their course-specific assignments and feedback.

About User Progress

Progress reports are available for the following progress indicators:

  • Summary
  • Grades
  • Objectives
  • Content
  • Discussions
  • Dropbox
  • Quizzes
  • Checklist
  • Surveys
  • Course Access
  • Login History
  • System Access History

The User Progress interface consists of three main areas:

  • The User Information area, which contains links to view the user's profile, email the user, and instant message the user.
  • The Reports List area, which contains links to view reports based on the 11 progress indicators, as well as a Summary view that encompasses all of the progress indicators. At the Organization level, the Reports List area also includes all courses that the student is actively enrolled in.
  • The Report Details area, which expands the progress indicator report chosen from the Reports List. When a report displays in the Report Details area, it contains clickable expandable and collapsible links that enable users to drill-down further into the reports for more details.

The User Progress tool is accessible from both My Home and the course level. From My Home, students can access their own progress reports for all of the courses they have active enrollment in. At the course level, both instructors and students can access user progress reports for the course they are currently in, although students can only view their own progress.

Access User Progress

  • Under Course Admin, select Class Progress and then select a student.  OR
  • Under Classlist, select the dropdown next to a student's name and select View Progress.

Interpreting the Grades chart

Grades plot graph

The Grades box plot graph

The Grades box plot graph represents the full range of possible grades (0%-100%) in one bar. The blue bar represents the middle range of grades for the class, excluding the bottom 25% of the class and the top 25% of the class. A black square represents the individual user's grade for the item. Their grade also displays numerically, along with any previously established grade and color schemes. A vertical white line  represents the mean grade for the item.

Interpreting the Login History

  • Course Access - this progress only goes back 30 days and indicates the days that students logged into your course.
  • Login History - this progress tracks the learner login activity using a web browser to the Cobra system (not to the course).
  • System Access History - this progress tracks the learner login activity for both web browser and the Pulse app to the Cobra system (not to the course).

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