Cobra Learning - Using Magnifier and Zoom Functionality

Using magnifier and zoom functionality

Cobra Learning is a learning management system that enables you to access course material online. There are a number of learning tools within the system that course content is contained in. This topic provides some basic advice for using the system with screen magnifiers and zooming functionality.

Screen magnifiers and zooming functionality are often used by people who have difficulties reading online. Difficulties can include low vision, color blindness, eye strain, or dyslexia. Screen magnifiers and zooming functionality are also used by individuals who have fine motor skills difficulty as they increase the target for selectable content (such as links, icons and form fields).

  1. Magnifying vs. zooming
  2. Account Settings
  3. Getting additional support

Magnifying vs. zooming

There are a couple of ways you can increase the size of content in Cobra Learning to improve readability:

Account Settings

There are a number of settings in the Account Settings tool that you may find improves the readability of Cobra Learning.

Account Settings

Discussions tab

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Getting additional support

If you are having difficulty using Cobra Learning to complete your course work, consider seeking help from Accessibility Services. Contact them at email:; or by voice: 217-353-2338.  Or by visiting their website:

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