Cobra Learning - Using Zoom (Students)

This article will discuss how to use Zoom in your Cobra courses.

Using Zoom

There is a chance that your instructor might be using Zoom for your course. This article should provide you with some basics for using Zoom.

  1. Accessing Zoom
    1. Accessing Via Email
    2. Accessing Via Cobra
  2. Starting/Downloading Zoom
  3. Zoom Meeting Basics

Accessing Zoom

There are a couple ways that your instructor may set Zoom up: 1) email invitation; or 2) embedded within Cobra.

Accessing Zoom Via Email

Some instructors use Zoom, but not Cobra; so you may receive an email invitation for the Zoom meeting.

email notice header

When you open the email from your instructor, you'll see the meeting information in the email.  Note the topic, such as the name of the meeting as well as the date and time.  You can click right on the meeting link to be taken to the meeting.  (Skip to the Starting/Downloading Zoom section).

NOTE: if you are prompted for a meeting ID or passcode, they can also be found in this message.

example zoom invitation email

Accessing Zoom Via Cobra

Another way they might set up Zoom is through a direct link in the navigation bar (1) or by a group link that drops down to show the Zoom link (2).

Accessing Zoom through the navigation bar

One more way that you might access Zoom is through your course. Click into your course, then on Content and go to the module where the class meetings would be listed. Then click the link of the scheduled meeting.

Accessing Zoom through your Cobra class

Whichever link you use, you'll be taken to the page with the listing of the upcoming meetings. Find your meeting and click the Join button.

Joining your Zoom meeting

Starting/Downloading Zoom

You'll be prompted to download and/or start the Zoom program, so click the Allow button or click the Open Zoom Meetings button, whichever is prompted.

Allow Zoom to open

The next screen will allow you to join by phone or computer audio. It will also allow you to test your microphone and speaker to ensure you have everything you need to be part of the meeting. When you're ready, click the Join with Computer Audio button.

Join by phone or computer audio and test your speaker and microphone before entering

NOTE: If your instructor has set the meeting up with a waiting room, you may encounter the following screen that asks you to wait until the host admits you. They will be notified that you are waiting and you'll be granted access to the room when they are ready to start.

Waiting room message that host will admit you soon

Zoom Meeting Basics

When you are first admitted to the room, your initial view may vary. The screen below shows a very basic meeting entry. Your instructor may appear by video and/or they may be sharing a presentation on their screen. They may also use a whiteboard as part of their presentation.

Basic Zoom meeting screen

Note the black menu bar at the bottom of the screen. The participants button denotes how many people are currently in the room.

Zoom menu bar with participants highlighted

If you click on the button, it will expand the screen to the right and show you the list of participants.

Zoom meeting with participants screen expanded

You'll also see a Chat button on this menu. If there are messages to view, it will indicate this as well.

Zoom menu bar with chat highlighted

If you click on it, it will create a chat window beneath the participants list. If you click the little down arrow icon in the upper left corner, it will pop the discussion out of the Zoom meeting into a separate window. This chat window is where you can type questions for your instructor, in case your mic is muted. You can choose to type a private message to your instructor or post a message for everyone in the list.

Chat window example

You will also have access to audio and video settings where you can change your microphone, speakers and webcam, if you need to do so.

Zoom menu bar with audio and video highlighted

When you need to leave the meeting, you can click the Leave Meeting button on the menu bar. If your instructor ends the meeting, you might be dismissed and receive a message that the meeting has been ended by the host.

Zoom menu bar with leave meeting highlighted

Zoom has many other features and your instructor may use them, but this article was meant to only cover the basics of Zoom to get you started. Good luck!

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